Why hire a PR Agency?

On top of every other function that you need to perform within your business, do you really have the time and resources to function as your own PR as well? Chances are, you don’t. Today we look at the benefits of hiring a PR agency as opposed to handling all your PR yourself.

Hiring a PR agency: the advantages
According to Canadian PR practitioner, Kelly Fletcher, “The question of hiring an in-house PR professional or outsourcing to an agency is trickier now than ever before. As the media has dramatically evolved, so has the public relations industry. It’s no longer as simple as writing a traditional press release and distributing it to the media.” As media relations dynamics evolves, it may become more important than ever to hand your public relations affairs over to a specialist. 

Here are a few important elements which a PR specialist will add to your businesses’ media relations strategy. 

A fresh pair eyes equals a fresh perspective
You and your colleagues may have been mulling over the wording of a press release or how to best pitch a media event to a journalist for a while without being able to give the pitch the edge it needs. An external PR is an outside opinion, who looks at your business with fresh eyes and is able to see public relations opportunities which you may have missed. “Employees become so much a part of the corporate team that they often lose their objectivity. When we come across people like this at client companies we say to ourselves, ‘She’s been drinking the Koolaid for too long,” writes Lucy Siegel, president and CEO of Bridge Global Strategies on the Bridge Buzzblog.

PR’s have invaluable media connections
If you are looking to generate publicity quickly, you will need the expertise of someone who has a network of connections in the media. This person is ideally a seasoned PR professional. Building valuable relationships with journalists is possible but will take some time. On the other hand, an external PR agency will come with those valuable relationships already in place. According to writer, Erin Davis who writes on the Notable blog, “Most of the time, PR people and journalists are even friends. Either way, PR people provide access to an outlet that you may not have so easily available at your fingertips.” 

Valuable Writing skills
“Public relations professionals are good writers – it is a part of the job requirement. Their talent in the art of writing, and subsequent way with words, can make anything (i.e. you, your business or your product) sound like the best thing the world has ever seen,” writes Davis. A talent for the written word may not be one your strong suits, and it is an imperative that any press release which gets pitched to the media is well written.

They do PR best
The most important reason to hire a PR agency is, ultimately that nobody does PR better than a specialist PR agency. According to Mary Reed on www.get-your-message-out.com, “[A]s a business owner you probably wear a lot of hats, so inevitably you cannot focus all of your attention all of the time on handling public relations for your business.”

Credit: Lindsay de Freitas
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