What’s in a Name?

The sadist in me salivates over listening to poor call centre employees trying very hard to pronounce our company name, EM Between. If you have ever had a long or unusual name or surname, you will completely understand my pain! Growing up our maiden name was “Connellan”…sounds fairly simple, yes? No! We’ve had our fair share of, “Hello Miss Cornelian…Cannelon, Cone-lan…” the list is endless. So, when my sister started her own business (a whopping 14 years ago) knowing that she (Emma) was in-between, aka, the ‘middle man’ connecting her client’s brands to the media, the obvious choice was…EM Between Communications!

And thus, began the start of her budding Public Relations Consultancy! I love watching people’s expressions when I explain the meaning behind the name, that we are not in-between but EM Between, that “a-haa” moment when the penny drops and the light bulb comes on is priceless! As Shakespeare once said, “would a rose by any other name smell as sweet” Well, in this industry, I do believe that a name is important, and since Emma is the owner/face of the business, I most certainly wouldn’t change it…even if those poor unfortunate cold callers battle to pronounce it (insert evil laugh!) – Nicci Hosking

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